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Automotive industries strive for sustainability in the production of vehicles and parts

Sustainability is part of the global strategy of the leading automotive industries and their global suppliers. When we consider the sheer number of passengers transported by motor vehicles, the harmful effects of cars are far greater than subways or buses, for example.

Data from the Akatu environmental institute show that a person who goes to work by car contributes to global warming, in just two days, as much as they would contribute in a month if they went by subway. Faced with this scenario, greener possibilities are already on the horizon for vehicle and auto parts manufacturers.

Hybrid and electric cars are already a reality. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are moving from the drawing board to reality and biofuels are already being used in larger cities. In conjunction with these changes, auto aftermarket industries are changing to comply with this new global agenda. At MDS, the packaging for parts is made with recycled material; iron and steel, which are raw materials, are reused, as is the casting sand. The parts also have an anti-corrosive layer, instead of using oil to prevent oxidation.