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Certified environmental commitment

Leader in Latin America in the manufacturing of brake discs and drums, MDS adheres to strict criteria in its care of the environment. The company has an environmental operating license issued by the Environment Foundation of Santa Catarina (FATMA), assuring that the company's production processes are carried out in such a way as to minimize impacts on the ecosystems of the region in which it operates.

In addition, MDS's autonomous fuel tank is also authorized by FATMA, which guarantees that equipment and systems for fuel storage are certified by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro).

Another important certification is environmental compliance, issued by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (Ibama). In order to obtain the certification, the company must satisfy a number of requirements, such as the correct disposal of waste, recycling and the training of employees in processes with a lower environmental impact.