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MDS donates native plants to collaborators and school students in the south region of SC

As part of the commemoration of World Environment Day, on June 5 th , MDS, the largest brake disk and drum manufacturer in Latin America, donated seedlings of native plants to students of the Caravaggio Municipal School in Nova Veneza (SC) and to collaborators of the company.

The Caravaggio school principal, Silvana Milanez Steiner, received the 40 seedlings for the school from the Industrial Director of MDS, João Batista Spillere. The fruit trees were distributed among the 4 th grade students. The children were instructed on the planting of the seedlings and the preservation of natural resources.

To also promote environmental awareness in the company, MDS distributed seedlings to more than 100 employees, demonstrating the company's concern with preserving natural resources and the native vegetation of the region.