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MDS uses recycled raw materials to help preserve the environment

Two of the main raw materials in the steel industry, iron and steel, can be recycled, preserving the country's mineral reserves. MDS, the largest manufacturer of brake discs and drums in Latin America, does exactly this, using 100% recycled material. The material comes from steel scrap, metal traders and cooperatives.

One ton of recycled steel, for example, saves the extraction of 1.1 tons of iron ore, 154 kg of coal and 18 kg of lime, according to the Rio de Janeiro Environmental Institute (in Portuguese Instituto Ambientalista da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro). The process of casting, in recycling, is able to eliminate the impurities contained in the material and make it ready to be used again.

“The reuse of these materials is good for the environment and good for the company, because it guarantees sustainable growth without compromising production or harming the environment,” according to MDS.

The recycled raw material used by MDS is destined for the production of brake discs, brake drums, wheel hubs, wheel cylinders and other parts that make up automobile brake systems.