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Our digital catalog is practical way to learn more about MDS products

The internet offers greater access to information. Accessing what you need with just a few clicks is already a common reality. It was with this in mind that MDS, the largest manufacturer of brake discs and drums in Latin America, provides its customers with the digital catalog.

To access the catalog, simply go to the website and click on the "Product Catalog" button on the top left of the page. After registering, by filling in some basic information, you can download the catalog. The system offers search options by type of application, by product, by auto manufacturer or by part manufacturer. In addition, you can search for more information about items using the code number or the dimensions.

In the digital catalog, the customer will find every MDS product. The catalog is continually updated and, if you downloaded it some time ago, simply click on the "Refresh Catalog" button to get the latest version. MDS is a company that operates in the international market, so the catalog is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Access the website, download the catalog and learn more about the technical specifications of MDS products.