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Training of the MDS technical team ensures accuracy of measurements in production processes

A technical team, for the analysis of MDS measurement systems, provided a refresher training course to ensure accuracy in measurements in company production processes. The course covered the MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) statistical methodology, which is developed to study and analyze measurement systems and to increase the level of reliability in the readings obtained by the instruments.

The training is part of the company's compliance with the standards of ISO TS 16.949, a certification that ensures quality in the manufacturing of auto parts. To this end, MDS has a Metrological Reliability Program with the objective of guaranteeing the stability of the measurement systems, with programmed checks of the equipment, methods and operators involved.

In addition to ISO TS, MDS is also ISO 9001 certified. Both certifications were renewed at the end of 2010. The company received the ISO 9001 certification for the first time in 1999 and ISO TS in 2004.