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High performance and durability are features of the new MDS brake disc

In June, MDS, the largest brake disc and drum manufacturer in Latin America, launched a new high-performance, safe and durable disc for light-duty vehicles made by Volkswagen.

The disc has unique grooves that guarantee more safety for drivers on any type of road or terrain, besides offering greater durability and an indicator showing when the part must be replaced. They also allow for the dissipation of gases, water and dirt. As a result, the surface remains clean and the contact between disc and brake pad is improved.

The grooves also indicate the end of the useful life of the part. With the natural wear of use, the grooves disappear when the part reaches the minimum thickness.

"The goal of this line is to create a differential and provide greater safety and quality in braking, at the same cost to the customer," the company points out.

The new disc has been designed for heavy use by light vehicles, especially on highways, where the new grooves increase safety and efficiency. With the new discs, the water runs through the grooves, preventing the formation of a layer of liquid between the disc and the pad, thus increasing the braking efficiency of the vehicle.

MDS intends to expand the manufacturing of this type of brake disc for other vehicle lines.