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MDS preserves the environment by reusing casting sand and investing in environmentally friendly packaging

MDS, the largest manufacturer of brake discs and drums in Latin America, invests in the constant work of protecting and preserving the environment and the sustainability of its projects. One of the company's actions involves the improvement of processes to reuse casting sand in the manufacturing of MDS parts. The reuse of sand preserves the environment, as it reduces the extraction of sand from the environment and prevents the accumulation of material in industrial landfills.

At the company, casting sand has been 100% reused for the last six years. The action avoids the accumulation and disposal of waste in the environment, reducing impacts on the environment. Since its implementation, the company has sought to improve this process and make it more efficient every year. The constant investment in equipment and maintenance also optimizes manufacturing activities and prevents the disposal of any type of waste in the environment. This is just one of the actions focused on the sustainability of the productive process at MDS.

Sustainable packaging

Another initiative currently underway is the substitution of the entire line of packaging with packaging made from recyclable materials. MDS was the first company to offer 100% recyclable paper packaging for its brake discs and drums. Today, the company works with four sizes of recyclable packaging and four other sizes are in the process of substitution, for a total of eight sizes of recyclable packaging.

By the end of the year, the entire product line will use recyclable packaging. This action meets the main requirements of sustainable practices of environmental protection in the global market, offering practicality and minimal environmental impact.