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MDS starts 2010 in alignment with global sustainability concepts

MDS, the largest manufacturer of brake discs and drums in Latin America, began 2010 as the first company to offer 100% recyclable paper packaging for brake discs and drums.

The initiative reinforces MDS's alignment with major global automotive markets, investing in the sustainability and environmental responsibility of its business actions. Starting in February, the entire product line will use the new packaging.

The new packaging is more ecologically correct than the outdated, traditional plastic packaging. The new packaging meets the main requirements of sustainable practices for environmental protection in the global market, offering practicality and minimal environmental impact.

The paper packaging allows for stacking up to four meters in height, a novelty in the market, and maximizing space inside warehouses. The parts are 100% moisture-free and can tolerate up to 1 ton of weight stacked on top without any deformation. The top and bottom of the packaging receive a resin (biodegradable varnish), making the packaging 100% waterproof.

In keeping with the issue of economy and sustainability, MDS has some tips for using gift

packaging at any time of the year. Access the tips at: