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Sustainability and practicality are characteristics of the new MDS packaging

MDS, the largest manufacturer of discs and brake drums in Latin America, leads the market and launches the first packaging for brake discs that are produced with 100% recyclable paper. The company's objective is to provide customers and partners with products in constant evolution and, in line with sustainable practices for the protection and preservation of the environment, offering practicality and minimal environmental impact.

The new packaging provides advantages for everyone, from logistics to retailers. Now the product can tolerate stacking of up to four meters in height, improving the use of space in warehouses. The parts are kept 100% moisture-free with 1,500 paper weight and can withstand up to 1 ton of weight without deforming, guaranteed by MDS.

The main changes to the packaging were in the finish and format. The top and bottom receive a resin (biodegradable varnish), making the packaging 100% waterproof, and allows for cleaning and improving the product appearance. MDS also includes two sealing mechanisms, one on each side, to ensure proper closing of the packaging.

"Some customers are already receiving products with this new packaging and the reception has been great, mainly due to the practicality and environmental awareness differential," saysdirector of logistics Domingos Spillere.

Since October, new parts with recyclable packaging have been shipped all over the country and, starting January, the entire product line will use the new packaging.