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Investment in Training


About 60 professionals, including mechanics, salespeople and owners of service centers and auto part shops attended a lecture held by MDS in São Vicente (SP), at the end of October, with the support of the distributor Infinity.

The event’s participants learned about MDS technology differentials, with the goal of further empowering resellers and installers at the time of the sale. In this way, professionals increase the satisfaction levels of their customers, who in turn receive a high-quality product, free of any defects, reducing the returns of products under warranty.

The main themes of the lecture were related to the operation of hydraulic brake systems with and without ABS, as well as new technologies that are being developed at MDS. For the company, the initiative was worthwhile, based on audience satisfaction, which evaluated the opportunity to learn tips and acquire knowledge that can help them in their business as positive.

This is a frequent event and has been held in many cities throughout Brazil. In November, cities in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais will host the lecture.